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outsourced telemarketerOffshore telemarketing is perhaps the call center service in greatest demand in terms of number of transactions. Small business owners and salespeople alike tap into outsourced telemarketing services as a means to bolstering the promotion and offering of your products and services.

To successfully increase your company’s sales, you need to the ability or solution in place to generate a large quantity of suitable sales leads and appointments.

Offshore telemarketers can either generate leads of their own, or cold call conventional leads such as those obtained via direct mail (yellow page listings, print ads, and fishbowls). Skilled telemarketers can move the sales cycle along beyond the simple name-gathering process. In its essence, building up a database of people is just the very first step. Once your company gets the leads, you need to make them your customers.

Both business and consumer decision makers have more choices than ever before to get a hold of rates, reviews, and and pertinent business information. Simply cold calling and introducing your company is no longer enough. To successfully move the sales cycle, your telemarketer must engage prospects in substantive discourse, and be able to identify whether the prospect matches your pre-set conditions for a qualified lead.


Before you get started on a telemarketing outsourcing campaign, there is a basic foundation that should be laid. First, you should formulate concise and clear-cut goals for your overall marketing campaign. Setting some basic boundaries and benchmarks will help you understand how you are doing and measure performance against expectations.

You should address your basic goals and expectations with the call center you eventually choose, and ask for their feedback on how feasible your expectations may be. You can present them with your company’s mission, guidelines, and a task list you expect them to follow.

Define “Lead”

This is one of the most important and often overlooked factors towards campaign success. It is essential that you and the call center agree on what constitutes a qualified lead. If you don’t define what you want in a straightforward manner, you are not likely to get what you want. This cannot be understated.

Create a Basic Working Agreement

Write up a basic service level agreement that will outline everything you expect the call center to handle. Most call centers will have a default SLA that they use for most clients, but if you have specific needs, this is your chance to make sure they are detailed. Ask for a copy of their cookie cutter draft contract, and highlight the changes you wish to make.
Follow Up

It is important that you monitor the progress of your telemarketing campaign on a regular basis. Many offshore centers bill in increments of two weeks to a month, and the last thing you want to do is wait until the last day before noticing something is wrong.

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