Telemarketing Lead Generation

Offshore TelemarketerRegardless of your business model, there is a good chance that your sales team spends a significant amount of time cold calling to generate leads. They may generate leads simply to set up organization briefings, one-on-ones, or even to interview job candidates. They may even spend substantial time trying to set up basic Skype or conference calls.

Many salespeople have the common compulsion to reach out to as many decision makers as humanly possible. This compulsion is a primary part of the “hunter” mentality. All too often, salespeople go on long hunts and fail to come home with the big prize. Cold calling can be hit or miss. Callers who are clearly attempting to ‘sell’ something immediately can put off a large number of customers.

Outsourcing lead generation telemarketing to a corporation who readily gather, evaluate and organize this data can speedily get firm appointments to your sales team. By outsourcing lead generation, it is feasible to assure that every prospect you call is a consumer who’s genuinely interested in your product or service and fits the shopper profile you’re seeking.

Your outsourced service will know the best methodologies to entice the achievable consumer with particular details that are interesting, concise, and related to the decision makers line of work. Good telemarketers will give them just enough to get their juices flowing, and then slam the door by suggesting an appointment to talk further. Your sales team can then secure strong deals by securing additional face-to-face meetings.

The increase in qualified leads you will see by outsourcing telemarketing, you can start to research your revenue figures and individual efficiency metrics with greater accuracy. Only then can you truly see where or who in your salesforce are underperforming, and tackle any complications or difficulties head on.

Viewed holistically, your newfound access to this information could directly have an effect on your product sales strategy. On occasion, you may notice a distinct geographical area is underperforming in spite of having strong leads. You’ll have the means to then investigate what the contributing factors to this could be and change your technique, demographic, or advertising technique to match the needs of that region. Conversely, you could uncover a region that is overperforming, and you can direct your staff to spend more time to that area.

New and better leads means new and better appointments. By securing additional appointments, you are likely to increase face-to-face product sales time and consequently grow revenue.

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