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Outsourcing Business Development


Global Business DevelopmentBusinesses must efficiently allocate resources to survive in the competitive global marketplace. The majority of small businesses would like for an cost-effective method to prospect, promote, and sell products or services and appropriately cope with outbound sales problems. While telemarketing outsourcing has been put to use by businesses for a long time, many are now investigating doing the same with higher-level business development activities. The reason? Outsourced business development can be more cost-effective and efficient than wasting substantive time, assets, and elbow grease than hiring $50k representatives.

Still, once you have made the decision to outsource, it is up to you to make the project successful. If you aren’t careful, outsourcing business development can be detrimental to your sales process should you choose a second-rate provider. If you don’t provide sufficient training, maintain adequate communication, or impart enough management oversight, your effort of effectively passing the business development baton will fall flat. Offshore outbound sales efforts must have a workforce which can take on massive volumes of outbound calls and are prepared to work with your internal team.

So what constitutes a qualified representative? First, the agent must be an effective communicator who can effectively interact across departments regardless of discipline, background, and/or expertise. He or she should also have experience with, or sufficient exposure to, a wide variety of business disciplines. Furthermore, the representative should ideally be an excellent communicator, both verbally and in the written word, and have the ability to muster the passion and energy to take company sales to the next level. If your call center of choice employs agents of this skill set, your organization will be well on its way to improving results in complex business environments where projects, divisions, and departments cover various markets.

Outsourced business development reps primarily focus on understand the challenges of delivering a more cost-efficient and profitable process. Call center agents must be familiar with sales team communications and relationships, and be able to work across departmental boundaries. More specifically, the job calls for team players with business networking skills, not to mention the know how to engage both regional sales managers and field reps with constantly changing business initiatives. Outsourced representatives who demonstrate the ability to quickly absorb sales and marketing training typically succeed with driving field sales initiatives. Offshore business development reps will be responsible for developing and working with sales field operations to implement the tactical plans to drive new business. These activities will have a significant impact on the overall success of the company, as well as ensuring the commercial viability and ultimate success of sales products and solutions.

By selecting a qualified call center, outsourcing business development can release your enterprise from the time commitment and expenditure necessary to unload substantial payouts in terms of salary and bonuses associated with internal sales operations. This will allow you to continue operating your business effectively, and to target your unique skillsets on your innate proficiencies.

Generating Leads Using Offline and Online Promotion


Your goal as an online marketer is to increase the number of individuals reaching your website, improving qualified lead counts, and ultimately generating more sales. As an entrepreneur engaged in lead gen, you must be creative with your efforts, and open to both offline and online promotion.

Most websites offer something slightly different and unique. You should take this into consideration when developing your marketing plan, and develop a site that mirrors your own individuality and unique qualities. Think about what attracts people to you to understand what might attract them to your website. By grasping the elements of your own personal magnetism you can improve your understanding of marketing. By getting out of the office, you can learn more about what interests potential customers from their own mouths.

By connecting with a market, you can establish a loyal audience who will not only become repeat users, but ones who will actively promote your work to their networks.

Many online marketers make the grave mistake of ignoring offline promotion. In addition to your website itself, there are various other things you can do to boost your lead generation capabilities.

Here are a few good places to start:


1. Print your web address on your business card.

2. Use Meetup.com to find local groups that meet about your areas of interest. You will meet new people, establish connections, and grow your network.

3. Stay in contact with your friends and past and current customers by routinely delivering useful information and opinions via email and print newsletters.

4. Participate in workshops and classes to expand your reach and show your expertise.


1. Submit guest posts to influential websites to become a recognized expert in your field.

2. Add your web address to your email signature. Doing so will amount to free advertising with every interaction.

3. Regularly pose questions to your contact list asking if anyone needs help. This will help you know who is in need of your services.

4. Participate in online forums, chats, and message boards.

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