Business Planning

Preparing to launch an entrepreneurial venture requires diligent planning. Business planning is a process for looking at the big picture and attempting to deal with every element of your business before you get started. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of rushing through the process, and see planning simply as a chore required to obtain financing. Don’t let this be you.

Is Entrepreneurship For You?

Before you put in the effort to start an online business, you should first decide if it’s something in which you truly want to invest your time and resources. Starting a business allows you to be your own manager, set your own goals, take control of your dreams and ambitions, and earn money doing something you appreciate. It takes abundant preparation, imagination, and effort to become an effective online marketer. Take some time to consider the individual attributes of entrepreneurship to determine whether it is a great fit.

Do Your Homework

To run a successful online start-up, you need to learn about many factors that will ultimately determine your level of success. This includes customer targeting, your competition, and the potential earnings you can realistically achieve.

Write a Business Plan

First, start by drafting an official business plan. Your business plan should include a determination of how you plan to manage, a marketing plan, financial forecasts, and your business mission.

Choose Business Partners

Decide whether you want to go solo, or bring in business partners for help with your start-up. If you decide to go into business with partners, choose them carefully. I cannot stress this enough. Don’t simply grab a few friends and convince them to do business with you. Choose strategic partners whose experience and expertise you can leverage to achieve your company’s goals.

Establish a Business Structure

You should then choose how you want your business to incorporate legally. This can men setting up shop as a sole proprietorship, a Limited Liability Company (LLC), S-Corp, or C-Corp. There are certainly many advantages and disadvantages to each.
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