The glory Make Smart Decisions at Work. Don't be stupid.days of door to door salesmen have (mostly) come and gone. Many prognosticators have been quick to predict a similar fate for cold calling and telemarketing. You must go no further than your favorite search engine to get the idea. A recent Google search for “cold calling is dead” yielded 14,200,000 results and featured ads titled, “Cold Calling is Stupid”. That said, telemarketing and appointment setting continue to be necessary evils along the path to sales success. Mastering the art of effective appointment setting can set you and your company apart from its competition. At its most simple level, appointment setting is simply the creation of a mutually agreed upon time and place for you or your delegated representative to get together with a client. It is at its core about finding qualified prospects and setting an appointment with them. Like any other critical business practice, it takes time and effort to get it right.

To be truly effective, an appointment setter must convert the prospect into a customer by intriguing him with features, advantages, and benefits of the product/service in question. The customers level of interest will be based on the skills and conversational manner of a sales rep. For the most part, appointment setting is simplest, and the most preferred way for small businesses to promote products and services to ultimate customers.

So why go at it alone? By outsourcing marketing functions such as appointment setting, you can offload the massive amount of work associated with achieving marketing perfection. Your outsourced service can work in tandem with your sales team to create opportunities to present your product or service to curious prospects, and these opportunities can be developed into massive sales increases over time.

Most third-party outsourcing firms will work with you so that your appointment setters appear to your clients as if the appointment setter is calling from your own corporate offices. You can set your appointment setter up with a unique caller ID that matches your own and the offshore call center can set your agent up with an email address tied to your domain name.

Hiring an outsourced call center can help your company avoid the multitude of expenses associated with handling these mundane, complicated tasks in-house. If you choose to conduct these activities within your cozy corporate confines, you’re going to have to install many phone lines, as well as draw on systems that call centers use to make calls and records more effectively. You will also almost certainly need to broaden your workplace space and enlist people who will need substantial training. No, cold calling is not stupid. Failing to consider these critical overheads, might unfortunately point that insult in your direction.

Choosing an Outsourcing Service

To make the most from any appointment setting project, it really is best to ideally contract a corporation who offers multi-channel sales options. These technologically advanced centers will have the ability to mix data entry, support, and marketing services should you need them. You should always also make sure that their agents can provide the opportunities you will need to communicate with customers and correctly cover client markets.

Choosing an effective telemarketing service will help you reduce overhead and realize increased sales. All while allowing you to sit comfortably in your familiar, air-conditioned office. How’s that for smart?