Babson CampusI recently made the decision to give up the successful offshore company I once started, and this Fall I will begin a full-time MBA program with a focus on entrepreneurship. I partnered with two colleagues to start what would become a successful call center outsourcing firm in 2008. I saw the company grow from what was once just a simple website to an organization currently staffing over 120 employees. The call center opened in 2008 with just $16,000 in capital, and saw revenues grow to exceed $600,000 in 2012. My active role in the company’s growth has provided me with a foundation of experience on which I would like to now build. My present focus is to develop the necessary skills to lead a larger enterprise, and my long-term goal is to implement them at high levels within an organization.

Though I wore many hats and served numerous functions within my company, my primary role was marketing. My previous career experience had been in sales, but I quickly realized that marketing was my true passion. I learned as much as I could by scouring the web for tips and tactics, reading books, and seeking the advice of former colleagues. I taught myself marketing methods including pay per click, search engine optimization, and email marketing, and implemented telemarketing and appointment setting campaigns similar to those I had practiced as a salesman. However, my self-taught approach was tailored specifically to helping my organization grow, and this customized approach could potentially be a hurdle as I move on to the next opportunity. I would now like to build on my experience, and believe that a classroom education combined with experience working with an established company upon graduation will ultimately enable me to successfully lead a larger organization at the highest levels. My immediate goal is to become more well-rounded by improving my market research and analysis capabilities, and expanding my scope of knowledge to cover other areas including product and brand management.

Immediately following graduation, I would like to work in a marketing role with an established organization, helping it to bring innovative new products or services to market, develop marketing strategies, and execute marketing plans. I plan to pursue a role that will allow me to continue working in a business to business marketing environment. I believe that an MBA business education would help me secure such a role and pave the way for my long-term aspirations.

I’m an entrepreneur. My dream has always been, and continues to be, to launch and operate my own business. An MBA would provide a unique opportunity to further my entrepreneurial goals by granting me access to an esteemed faculty and staff, business leaders, and world-renowned programs. I believe that a successful entrepreneur must habitually seek new perspectives, routinely challenge his or her beliefs, and always hunt for new ideas. A quality business school’s extensive programs can help me do just that.

My education didn’t end when I received my Bachelor’s Degree, and it won’t end when I earn my MBA. A qualified business school could provide resources that could augment my past experience, accelerate my career progress, and enable me to achieve lofty goals throughout my entire career. I look forward to taking the next step.

Perhaps most importantly, I have experienced the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. I’ve had some success, want more, and believe that collaborating with, and learning from, a talented and ambitious MBA student body could help me excel in my future endeavors. I understand that the daily tasks and chores of an entrepreneur aren’t always glamorous, that humility is an essential trait, and that in the early stages of a venture, the only compensation can be the promise of a future reward. I believe that my collective experiences have instilled within myself a unique perspective that could add value to classroom discussions, and I look forward to sharing them with my classmates. While I am very proud of my accomplishments, it’s time for me to take the next step.