The challenging economic climate of the last several years has left marketers and entrepreneurs working harder and harder to drum up business. Building and taking care of a small business is difficult at the outset. Many entrepreneurs find themselves perpetually driving around struggling to nail down sales agreements, finding partners and resources, and can end up a little spread thin, and sometimes difficult in order to get in touch with.

Time is money, and both have become increasingly difficult to get a hold of. Outsourcing some of your basic tasks such as call answering and appointment setting can help you better manage both commodities, as well as supplement and focus more attention on your marketing efforts.

Outsourcing companies specialize in specific areas of business, and can closely familiarize themselves with your businesses, techniques, and employees. They want your business, and rigorously recruit and monitor employees that will serve you best. The result can be a strong partnership that will pay off in both greater customer support and better execution.

Promotion and Appearance

Marketing your company is challenging enough, and if you are trying to advertise your business to secure a partnership or contract with other firms, then you should consider attempting to portray an image of your company as larger than it truly may possibly be.

Once you have established a relationship with your VA, you will have a better idea of her strengths and weaknesses, and can start thinking about which specific marketing tasks you can hand off to her. Maybe you’ve been impressed with her writing abilities, and would like to assign some basic content writing duties. Or, if your VA is assertive and personable, you might want her to have a go at outbound appointment setting.


Convenience can’t be understated. As an entrepreneur, you will end up juggling phone calls, meetings, presentations, and a number of various small business situations while on the fly. Outsourcing can help you free invaluable time on your calendar.

In addition to marketing and operations, an outsourced virtual office can certainly benefit you in other areas of business. For instance, an overseas office will mean you will always have a someone answering calls on a local telephone number to make sure don’t miss them while out on appointments.